The Rise and Fall of the Gasoline Empire

It seems like we've been waiting forever for something to happen at the site of the old Exxon station at the circle. Would you believe that it's been about twenty years since Exxon moved out? Well, last week something did happen: the old station disappeared.

A lot of folks coming onto LBI turn off onto Barnegat or Central Avenues just to avoid the traffic at the circle, so they would not have noticed that the building was gone. Others, so accustomed to passing the abandoned station without a second glance, passed by without realizing it was gone.

It took one big piece of equipment, two men and several dumpsters just two days to level the building to the ground. Wouldn't it be great if gas prices would come down as quickly!

It is still a big mystery as to what will be built in place of the old gas station. Mum's still the word. Even the Ship Bottom Council has to wait until next week when the owner presents his building plans for approval. The only word that has slipped out so far is that "it will be nice."

I don't know about you, but I think anything that will be built on that neglected site will be nicer than what was there last week.

Exxon: gone and soon to be forgotten.